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Whether you’re a business owner who needs to restore an entire fleet of vehicles, someone who just purchased an older car and is looking to get it spiffed up, or a hobbyist working on your latest project, our automotive sandblasting service in Fort Collins can help.

Clean Slate Blasting Automotive Projects

Clean Slate Blasting based in Fort Collins, CO can handle all your sandblasting auto restoration needs. From trucks, vans, and trailers to frames, chassis, underbodies, and rims—even cranes and industrial vehicles—our automotive sandblasting services help Fort Collins residents restore their vehicles. Our experts can strip your vehicle and get it ready for you to make it beautiful again.

“The secret to our automotive restoration speciality is two-fold: First, our expert blaster Greg has a long history of automotive restoration since he was a young boy; second, our blasting process involves our state-of-the-art facility that offers Three Blast Booth that shoots a variety of different abrasives—materials that range from garnet, plastics, & recycled glass —depending on the toughness of the surface or coating. The combination of these two aspects of our service leaves many satisfied automotive customers in its wake! Check out the gallery to get a better idea of how Clean Slate Blasting can help restore your vehicle to its best-looking, most functional self!”

-Greg Nickerson


Commercial, Industrial, Residential, and Automotive Sandblasting Services in Fort Collins.

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