If you’re about to begin restoration on a classic car, let us blast away the paint and rust to give you a clean slate. Get your car prepped for a fresh coat of paint with our safe and effective blasting process.

Professional Automotive Blasting

Our Fort Collins car sandblasting experts service all of Northern Colorado as well as Southern Wyoming and Nebraska. Our three-booth setup provides a one-stop shop for the removal of your car’s paint and undercoating. One outdoor booth for semi’s and larger items.  A second garnet booth for practically everything. And, third, our brand new booth that only uses plastic for automotive restoration and finer metals. Clean Slate is the only blasting company in Northern Colorado with a booth that blasts plastic, ensuring no warping or damage to classic body panels.

A successful car restoration and paint removal job at our Fort Collins shop requires a return to the original substrate. Media blasting is the perfect solution to remove old paint and uses different abrasives than traditional sandblasting. Newer abrasives such as garnet and plastic media can be used, depending on the hardness of the surface. The high-volume media combines with low pressure to blast off the coating and gives you a clean surface.

The size of the abrasives we use is very similar to brown beach sand. Our experienced technicians here in Fort Collins offer car sandblasting that uses of plastic media and low pressures significantly reduces the possibility of panel damage that may occur with traditional sandblasting. And because it’s a dry process, there’s no flash rust after stripping, and the plastic won’t warp or pit the metal. This noncorrosive process is safe for all metal, stainless steel, fiberglass, plastics, aluminum, and many more surfaces.

Our reliable and quality automotive sandblasting work proves that we’re the best in the business. If you want to bring your vehicle to our facility, Fort Collins is just a short drive away! We have all the tools we need on-site to ensure your vehicle gets all the work it needs.

The Process

Step one: The first step we take at our Fort Collins car sandblasting shop involves the vehicle undergoing preparation and masking before it’s rolled into our dedicated plastic media blasting room, where all of the paint and primer is removed. Plastic granules are mainly used for thin gauge sheet metals and are harder than paint, but softer than the base metal. The high-volume, low-pressure application is used to cut, shear, and lift the paint, but won’t damage the substrate.

Step two: The vehicle or parts are then blown off and moved into a separate blast room for rust or undercoating removal by garnet media.

Step three: Everything is blown off and ready for customer pickup!

We highly recommend adding an epoxy primer to the surface after the blasting process. This additional step helps to avoid flash rusting, especially on bare steel. The primer application should be done within one or two days.

What’s the Cost to Media Blast a Vehicle?

The average cost of our professional media blasting service for a classic vehicle can vary depending on several factors. On average, you can expect to pay between $300 on smaller jobs on up to $3,600 for a complete jobs. The price range reflects in the size of the vehicle, condition, complexity and the extent of preparation work required.

Please keep this in mind that these figures are estimates.  It’s best to give us a call and discuss further more about your project at hand.

Factors That Affect the Pricing of Media Blasting?

Several factors can influence the price of our media blasting services. Here are some key factors that can affect the cost:

  • Size of the project: The size and complexity of the sandblasting project directly impact the cost. Larger vehicles or projects that involve intricate details, curves, or hard-to-reach areas may require more time and effort. This additional labor can increase the overall price.
  • Type of vehicle: Different vehicles may have varying degrees of complexity when it comes to sandblasting. For example, classic cars with intricate designs, vintage models with unique features, or custom vehicles with modifications may require extra care and precision, influencing the cost.
  • Surface Condition: The condition of the surface to be sandblasted is another crucial factor. If the vehicle has extensive rust, corrosion, or multiple layers of old paint, additional preparation work and abrasive material may be necessary to achieve the desired results. This can contribute to higher costs.
  • Accessibility: The accessibility of the vehicle’s surface affects the ease of sandblasting. Areas that are difficult to reach or require disassembling certain parts can increase the labor and time required for the job, impacting the overall price.
  • Type of coating: The type and thickness of the coating or contaminants on the vehicle’s surface play a significant role in pricing. Removing heavy-duty coatings, such as industrial paints, undercoating’s, or powder coatings, may require more aggressive sandblasting techniques and specialized equipment, resulting in higher costs.
  • Contamination: Before all parts or vehicle are brought to us, we ask all customer to de-grease and remove all contamination from items keeping the booth contamination free area.  Grease and oils are one of  the main reason fish eyeing happens when painting a vehicle.  We try to prevent it at all costs.


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