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We’re happy to talk about how we can meet your surface cleaning needs and let you know the many reasons why our satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. At Clean Slate, it’s all about the process and the service—Dustless blasting services done right, quickly, and conveniently throughout Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

In addition to building exteriors and driveways, we’ve worked on cranes, farm silos, oil rigs, heavy machinery parts, many different types of vehicles, and even an old Coke machine! Whatever tarnished surface you have, and wherever it is, our dustless blasting experts in Fort Collins can get the job done in a timely and professional manner!

We can come out to your location or bring the items to us to have blasted leaving the mess with us! Some customers don’t mind our on-site services; others would prefer to send things to our shop in Fort Collins for dustless blasting services and have them come back prepped and ready for finishing! Either way, we make it as convenient as possible for you. Whether you’re a hobbyist, homeowner, or business owner, chances are you’ve got a surface that’s in need of cleaning. Don’t spend another day looking at grimey sidewalks, oil-stained garage floors, water-stained fencing, or rusty cars and machinery—give Clean Slate Blasting a call today and blast it all away!

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