Industrial Equipment

From machine parts to grain elevators, trailers, and crane rigs, Clean Slate Blasting has stripped and renewed many types of equipment with our industrial sandblasting services in Fort Collins.

Industrial Equipment Blasting

If you own weathered and rusty farm or factory equipment, chances are it is costing you extra money—or at the very least, gives your business a dirty look. Get it cleaned and back to full functionality with our professional, high quality industrial sandblasting services in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.  Bring your equipment to our facility in Fort Collins and we’ll take care of the rest.

We like to make things as convenient as possible so, if you can’t come to us, then we can come to you with our fully equipped mobile facility to perform factory and equipment cleaning here in Fort Collins and across Northern Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and South West Nebraska. Chemical stripping is messy and harmful to your health and the environment, and sandblasting is just messy. Whatever it takes to get the job done, Clean Slate Blasting is here to accommodate your needs.

The Process

Our superior service complements our superior process. Even if your equipment is located in a remote area, like many farms and oil and gas operations, our team is prepared to come to you, whether the road is paved, gravel, dirt, or not there at all. We can also take equipment or parts back to our shop in Fort Collins to perform our industrial sandblasting services, if you’d prefer to have a cleaner work site. We also offer repainting services, so you can count on Clean Slate Blasting to restore your industrial equipment from start to finish.


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Industrial Equipment Projects