Clean Slate Blasting routinely leaves our customers satisfied and amazed at the transformational work we do for them.

Clean Slate Blasting Reviews

Cars, driveways, fences, patios, garages, walkways, signs, silos, machines, and buildings can be converted from ugly, value-diminishing eyesores to sparkling surfaces that are ready for paint, primer, or foot and vehicle traffic.

As a home or business owner, there’s no feeling quite like finally getting that unsightly stain off your driveway, sidewalk, or fence. Sometimes, our customers don’t even know how much those sights truly bothered them until they are removed! Businesses with clean sidewalks and freshly painted buildings are more attractive to customers; homes with clean driveways and stain-free, uniform fencing have better curb appeal and potentially better value.

We value all our customers and do everything we can to get the job done right with 100% satisfaction and no damage to your property. Read our reviews to see how happy we’ve made our customers, and then give us a call to get your surface blasting scheduled today!


Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Residential Sandblasting Services.

Client Testimonials

“Clean Slate is the only dustless blasting company in northern Colorado that I trust to do automotive sheet metal. No warped panels, good communication during the process and good pricing. When it comes to blasting you get what you pay for. He has now done three projects for us that were done perfectly. Highly, highly recommended.”

Walter V.

“Greg recently blasted and painted the undercarriage of my 2000 Jeep Wrangler. He did an outstanding job! He was always courteous, professional, super help, knowledgeable and responsive. The timeliness and quality of work is unparalleled!!! I highly recommend Clean Slate!!!!”

Kawat C.

“I am 100% happy with the blast Greg and Clean Slate performed on my truck bumpers! Greg is a great guy and kept me well informed throughout the process from start to finish. I would definitely recommend Clean Slate Dustless Blasting for anyone looking for awesome customer service and a job that exceeds your expectations.”

Craig B.

“We recently worked with Greg for the first time and it was a fantastic experience. He sandblasted the exposed structural steel to prep for primer and paint. He finished in a timely manner and the painters were able to get a coat of primer on the steel before weather moved in. The finish is buttery smooth and we’ll treat all exposed steel on our projects with a sandblast before finishing from now on. Thanks, Greg. Looking forward to working together again, Dave Sloan of Sloan Construction Company.”

Dave S.

“Greg is very meticulous about his work. Quality over quanity is his daily routine. Greg did a fantastic job on restoring my Chevy C10 Truck. All parts that required blasting-frame, cab, and numerous additional parts were blasted. Restoration of entire truck was flawless. Highly reccomend Clean Slate for all your blasting needs. 5 Star all the way!!”

Tom B.

“I’ve used Greg for several of my projects. His work is always top quality, for a fair price and he is very responsive and friendly. I am restoring a vintage Chevrolet that will require the paint to be completely removed prior to painting. I will not trust this job to anyone other than Greg. He has the proper equipment and experience to complete this project without damaging the car. If you need something cleaned using the media blast process and want to be assured it will be done correctly, contact Greg. Highly recommended.”

David S.