We offer sandblasting services automotive and industrial equipment, and residential and commercial properties.

Our Services

If you have a surface that needs stripping or cleaning, Clean Slate Blasting can get it done with our Fort Collins automotive, home, & commercial sandblasting services! Driveway oil stains, vehicle rust, discolored fencing, and sidewalk grime don’t stand a chance against our effective and efficient blasting process. We will clean surfaces in any of the following categories:


Whether you’ve just purchased an old vehicle that needs a new paint job or are restoring a classic, our Fort Collins automotive sandblasting services can help you get your ride’s surfaces ready for that beautiful new coat. We make old, rusty car exteriors look like they came right off the assembly line, and we will clean up your collection of classic car parts—no matter where they came from or what shape they’re in—so they’re ready for the finishing touch. We have helped several vehicle owners throughout the Fort Collins area with automotive sandblasting services.


We offer residents across Northern Colorado, Southern Wyoming and Nebraska, as well as those here locally in Fort Collins our home sandblasting services. We can make your home shine with our exceptional services! When it comes to homes, there’s no shortage of surfaces that can get gunked up. Worse, they tend to stay that way for a long time, because of the time and labor involved in cleaning them up. We’re talking about stained driveways, concrete or brick patios and walkways, fences, and rusted metal furniture—all of those eyesores that you’re sick of looking at but don’t have the time, energy, or products to clean. We can take items to our facility and clean them without making a mess on your property, or we can clean them right on the spot using our no-dust home sandblasting process in Fort Collins.


Businesses and their grounds are high-traffic areas where grease, dirt, and grime can build up fast and mar sidewalks, driveways, and building walls for years. This makes our Fort Collins commercial sandblasting service essential. If your commercial property has any of these aesthetic issues, contact Clean Slate Blasting for the best Fort Collins commercial sandblasting services. You’ll be amazed at the improved curb appeal of your building and grounds, and your clients or customers will notice, too!

Industrial Equipment

Whether you have a farm, factory, or oil rig, Clean Slate Blasting can restore your machinery, equipment, and vehicles using the latest sandblasting techniques so you can get on with the job.