Clean Slate

When you need to prep a surface, removing rust, old paint, or other residue from buildings, industrial equipment, or automotive restoration projects, Timnath’s top sandblasting services will give you a clean slate!.

Start with a Clean Slate

Dustless Sandblasting Services in Timnath

Clean Slate Blasting is a leading provider of sandblasting services in the Timnath community. Our team of mobile experts can successfully clean a wide variety of surfaces. Whether you need to get rid of hard-to-remove surface residues like paint, rust and oil stains or you want to prepare your vehicle for a fresh coat of paint, our sandblasting services are the perfect solution. We can even help you with stubborn pavement stains on your driveway. Let the professionals at Clean Slate Blasting take care of all your sandblasting needs.

At our automotive sandblasting services in Timnath, we use low pressure and smaller materials to blast away paint, grime, and corrosion. We understand that it is critical to prepare the surface properly when repainting a car and our experts are here to ensure your vehicle is safe throughout the process. Our sandblasting services are designed to only remove the necessary layers without damaging the underlying surface. You can trust our experts to avoid any unnecessary rush work which could lead to a poor-quality paint job.

When it comes to preparing for painting a residential exterior, sandblasting services are an integral part of the process. At our Timnath mobile sandblasting services, we are equipped with a powerful 300 CFM compressor that is able to easily clean and prime your equipment, wherever it may be located. We also offer residential sandblasting services to help you get started on your project. With our convenient mobile services, there’s no need to transport your heavy equipment as we come to you.


Residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive sandblasting projects in Timnath, Windsor, Fort Collins, Severance, and all over Northern Colorado are easier when you start with a clean slate.

Our Services


Our sandblasting services are a great choice for automotive restoration. We use a gentle process that includes smaller abrasive materials and lower pressure to safely remove automotive paint and undercoating, eliminating the risk of damaging your vehicle. Many automobile enthusiasts in Timnath rely on our car sandblasting experts to deliver high-quality results, restoring cars to their former glory.


Let us take care of the time-consuming house painting prep work before you begin your next project. Our sandblasting services are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective for residential buildings in Timnath, so you can rest assured knowing that your property is in good hands. We will help you prepare your home for a new coat of paint without any hassle, so you can get started on your project right away.


Improve the look and feel of your commercial building with our professional sandblasting services in Timnath. We can remove grime, grease, and other unsightly stains from any surface, preparing your exterior for a new paint job or clean up driveways, sidewalks, pavement, and more. We can create a professional and pristine environment for your business that will last for years to come.


Clean Slate Blasting’s convenient and mobile sandblasting services offer a fast, safe and reliable option for industrial equipment cleaning for clients in Timnath. Our Dustless Blaster is designed to quickly blast away any type of industrial coatings, grime and residues from any size of equipment with ease. We pride ourselves on providing quality sandblasting services that are quick, efficient and cost-effective.


We’re pleased to offer the best mobile sand blasting services in Timnath, Fort Collins, Windsor, Severance, all of the Front Range, southwestern Nebraska, and southern Wyoming. Contact us today to schedule your commercial, residential, or automotive sandblasting services in Timnath!

Client Testimonials

“We recently worked with Greg for the first time and it was a fantastic experience. He sandblasted the exposed structural steel to prep for primer and paint. He finished in a timely manner and the painters were able to get a coat of primer on the steel before weather moved in. The finish is buttery smooth and we’ll treat all exposed steel on our projects with a sandblast before finishing from now on. Thanks, Greg. Looking forward to working together again, Dave Sloan of Sloan Construction Company.”

-Dave S.

“Greg is very meticulous about his work. Quality over quanity is his daily routine. Greg did a fantastic job on restoring my Chevy C10 Truck. All parts that required blasting-frame, cab, and numerous additional parts were blasted. Restoration of entire truck was flawless. Highly reccomend Clean Slate for all your blasting needs. 5 Star all the way!!”

Tom B.

“I’ve used Greg for several of my projects. His work is always top quality, for a fair price and he is very responsive and friendly. I am restoring a vintage Chevrolet that will require the paint to be completely removed prior to painting. I will not trust this job to anyone other than Greg. He has the proper equipment and experience to complete this project without damaging the car. If you need something cleaned using the media blast process and want to be assured it will be done correctly, contact Greg. Highly recommended.”

David S.